Capt Aubrey Black


Capt. Aubrey Black

Capt. Aubrey Black is an avid fisherman and hunter born and raised in rugged west Texas in the tiny town of Sanderson. He began developing his fishing addiction at places like Independence Creek and ranch stock tanks and progressed to both freshwater and saltwater venues all over the state of Texas and into Mexico.

Competitive fishing became an obsession shortly after moving to San Antonio. Seven years of Bass tournament fishing had left him wanting something different. Although he was familiar with fishing the coast, it had never been a focal point.

That all changed in 2000 on a chance trip to Baffin Bay with friends. The quality of fish caught on this trip spurred an interest in pursuing the biggest and best trout in the state which soon became all consuming. In 2003 he obtained his USCG license and became a fulltime fishing guide on his newfound home waters of Baffin Bay and based his operation in Loyola Beach, Texas. Through hard work and time spent on the water, he soon became well known in fishing circles as one of the best “Big Trout” guides on the Texas coast.

A staunch conservationist, Aubrey has helped put the emphasis on the “chase” and less on the “filled limits”. “Fishing is not always about the catching” he is fond of saying and he has geared his charter business toward teaching , the camaraderie of good friends and just enjoying what God has given us.

Being from west Texas, hunting was always a big part of his life and through natural progression Aubrey has carried on his love for hunting. Along with guiding dove and duck hunts during the season, he likes to spend time working with and training his Labrador retrievers. He is very committed to all of his outdoor activities and living in a sportsman’s paradise like south Texas makes it easy.

Second to his love of fishing and hunting is his writing. Aubrey is a prolific writer and has many articles and stories throughout the internet. He has developed a following due to his entertaining and informative fishing reports and has become one of a few “cyber fishermen” to really take advantage of the almost instant communication afforded by the internet. He is also a writer for the Saltwater Angler paper, Texas Outback Magazine and Coastal Angler Magazine and has been featured in numerous articles in newspapers and magazines.

The most recent chapter of Capt. Blacks adventures includes his recent nuptials with the love of his life Capt. Sally Black (formerly Moffett). A renowned fishing guide in the Rockport area, she has added a lot of energy to the combined efforts, knowledge and experience that is now available to their respective clients. Her specialties are shallow water sightcasting and fly fishing. She literally wrote the book on kayak fishing in Texas and also writes and contributes to several local, state and national publications as an expert in her field.

Together they provide a formidable one-two punch in the recreational and sportfishing industry along the Texas Gulf Coast. They are always searching for innovative ways to disperse their knowledge and passion for the sport they love so much. That is a definite plus for any clients seeking their services. And each of you is encouraged to become a student of the game.

Capt. Sally and Capt. Black are eager to please and look forward to helping everyone make their next Outdoor Adventure a memorable one

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