Fishing with the Guides of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun costs $600 for one or two anglers.  For each additional angler, up to four anglers per boat, please add $75.  Please click here to read more about our “Blast and Cast” or “Cast and Blast” trips at BBR&G…….

Lodging and Meals: Lodging and meals are $195 per person, per day.

The bathroom in the “Couple’s Suite” at BBR&G!



Twin berths in the “Couple’s Suite” at BBR&G







Our “Couple’s Suite” with a King-Size Tempurpedic bed, a huge walk-in shower, comfortable leather seating area, fully stocked mini bar, 50″ TV and more is an additional $50 per person, per night.

The “Couple’s Suite” is also great for a group of 4 guys, a family of 5 (the suite also has three built-in twin berths), or just one person in quiet comfort.

Please click here to see more pictures of our new lodge!……


Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is a destination trip and we encourage everyone who comes to fish here to live the entire experience on Baffin Bay, which includes staying at our lodge and enjoying some great food. The advantage to being here and talking with the guides and staff about current fishing techniques and rigging is priceless to a quality fishing trip at one of the Texas Coast’s most interesting bay systems.  If you are driving in on the morning of your trip and not staying at the lodge, there will be an additional “drive-in” fee of $150.00.