Trophy Trout Fishing on Baffin Bay

Jeff with March TroutBaffin Bay is known for several things but most know it for it’s reputation as the Mecca of trophy trout fishing. Big trout can be caught year round and we can help prove that. But the big question we are asked all the time is “When is the best time to fish Baffin Bay for a true trophy trout?”

Trout spawn when the water temperature reaches the 71 degree mark which usually happens sometime in April. The “sweet spot” as far as water temps are concerned for optimum spawning activity is 82-85 degrees so you can see that spawning activity can happen all summer long. There are two peak times, early Spring and in the Fall. Both are tied to optimal water temps.

These peak periods are good for catching big trout but most of the time they will not be at their peak weight and condition. Pre-spawning fish will gorge themselves in the winter, eating large mullet and even sm

Capt Sally with a Springtime Speck

all trout in their attempt to prepare for the long spawning months. Many of Baffin’s biggest and best trout are caught during this time which usually stretches from late December through March.

The hardy souls that are willing to brave the brutal conditions of a South Texas Winter can reap the rewards. Huge aggressive trout topping the 30″ mark and weighing double digits are possible. Baffin Bay is the place to pursue these beasts.  Many of our clients here at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun have landed their personal best catches.

But big trout don’t just bite in the Winter. Many notable catches happen year round. As the weather warms and conditions stabilize, the fish become more aggressive and topwater bites are plentiful. There is something for everyone at BBR&G. We are full time, year round fishing guides and we have the knowledge and experience to help you land that fish of a lifetime.


Drift and Wade Fishing


Things You Need

  • Plan on bringing a rod and reel set up that you are comfortable and familiar with that is in good working condition. There are few things more frustrating than early morning equipment failures while your buddies are reeling in the Big Ones. I recommend spooling up with 12# monofilament (I’m not a fan of braided lines and when you fish with me a while, you will learn why I don’t like them). If you do not have your own rod and reel, one can be supplied for a small fee, usually enough to cover cleaning costs should the reel be dunked during your day of fishing ($15).
  • A current Texas fishing license with all applicable endorsements and stamps. It’s rather embarrassing to find out you don’t have what you need when our friendly game wardens do a routine check. Your friends will never let you live it down.
  • A good pair of polarized sunglasses (emphasis on good). Brown, amber or vermillion work best on the flats. Seeing what’s happening out there is very important with our style of fishing. You get what you pay for.
  • A comfortable hat or cap with a dark lining under the brim.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Wading gear. Depending on the time of year you may need waders, wading boots, a belt to hold your stringer and a good pair of pliers and line clippers, and a good quality wading jacket. When it’s cold outside, staying dry is the key to staying warm. Don’t hit the bargain bin for your wading gear.
  • Snacks and drinks for the boat. Alcohol is permitted in moderation (please no bottles).
  • Your “A” game. You are going to need it.

Things You Don’t Need

  • The entire fishing tackle section from Cabela’s. We provide terminal tackle and welcome your pared down selection of personal favorites. Boat storage space is limited and the Captain detests deck clutter.




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