Blast and Cast on Baffin Bay!

One of the options during the fall and winter on the Baffin Bay is a
“Blast and Cast”!  

Blast and Cast:  during the duck season, outdoor enthusiasts can choose to duck hunt in the morning and fish in the afternoon.  Depending on the weather, sometimes we will come in for lunch and then go out to fish, or, if the weather is great, just have lunch on board the boat and fish all afternoon!  Click Here for pricing on a Blast and Cast!

Blast and Blast:  duck hunt in the morning and dove hunt in the afternoon.  At some point in the season, the Duck hunting season and the Dove hunting seasons overlap and it can be all shotguns, all day with this option!  So, after your duck hunt, we come in and relax to a hearty lunch at the lodge, cooked by our popular Chef.  Then, around 3:00 pm, we will gear up for the next phase, a dove hunt in the local fields, near grain or tanks which have been scouted by your guide.  We will hunt until dusk, then return to the lodge for another fantastic meal!  Click Here for the pricing on a Blast and Blast!

…. or the ever popular

Blast and Nap:  duck hunt in the morning and rest and relax at the lodge in the afternoon.  Just an adventure of a morning duck hunt and some great food and a little downtime at the lodge, probably watching football on the 65″ 4k Ultra TV in the main lodge, reclined out on all of the leather furniture that surrounds it.  Oh yeah…  Click Here for pricing on a Blast and Nap.

Some additional notes about Texas Hunting Licenses:

If you are going to be duck hunting, you will also need to add a migratory game bird endorsement on your license.

If you are going duck hunting, you must purchase the Federal Duck Stamp, which you can do at the Texas Parks & Wildlife online licensing site (see link below)

If you are going to be dove hunting, you will need to add the HIP Certification to your license.

If you were born on or after September 2, 1971, Texas law requires all hunters to have successfully completed a hunter education course to legally hunt in the State of Texas. For more information, or to take the course, click here

Click this link to begin the online purchase of your fishing and hunting licenses.

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