Can’t say enough about the 1/32 oz black magic jig heads. I been fishing them for about a year now with tremendous success in East Central Florida. Perfect design, weight, hook size, strength, quality. I’d love to see the 1/32 oz made with an even shorter hook shank and no screw lock because I use them to fish live shrimp hooked up through the chin so the hook comes out the top of the head and the point of the hook lays parallel to the horn on the shrimps head. I can cast them a long distance and swim them very naturally with the current in water up to ten feet deep Absolutely killing the snook,trout, reds, drum and flounder with this jig and shrimp combination. No one else makes a short shank 1/32 oz jig head with a size one black nickel hook. I taught my wife how to fish like this very quickly. She can’t get enough. She caught a 33 inch snook and a ten pound black drum yesterday using the jig and shrimp. I just bought another thirty jigs today.. Bravo Baffin Bay. The details matter!

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