This is what you will need for a great hunt:

A sturdy Blind Bag containing:

Ammo (of course): We recommend #2 or #3 Steel shot, 3″ Shells, at least 1,450 fps.  You’ve invested a pretty penny in a duck hunt with us, bring the most high-quality shells you can afford. Bring twice as much as you think you will need.   If you cannot bring your own shells, please let us know and we will provide them for you.  We will be selling ammo here at the lodge, so you can pick it up right here.
Ear Protection

Shooting Glasses (and glasses cleaners) (no mirrored lenses for best results…)

Hand Towel


Strap for your ducks

Extra Gloves (it’s nice to have a dry pair when it’s cold…)

Duck Calls (it’s a blast to call the ducks in…)

Licenses (see below)

Small First Aid Kit

Personal Stuff (whatever you like to have handy, a small flashlight, a certain snack or fancy drink)

Put your gun in a waterproof camo gun case.

Wear Camo everything. Any great camo pattern will work, from GameGuard to Max 4 or “other”, concealment is essential to awesome duck hunting.

Face paint, face masks or other methods of concealing your face to the curious ducks flying overhead is a must. t’s dark and damp, or misting, rainy or cold.  No matter what, you don’t want to be wet.  Layering your technical clothing is the only way to go

You will need your Texas hunting license with migratory game bird endorsement, as well as a Federal duck stamp.  Click this link to read more about your specific requirements.