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Since the Baffin Bay is known as the best-speckled trout fishing Bay on the Texas Coast, this area draws many serious trophy seekers during the prime winter and early spring months to try their luck at catching a true trophy trout. During the winter months, trout gorge themselves storing up fat to help them make it through the toughest time of the year. They also build up the strength they will need to spawn. That’s why they are very heavy at this time.

Trout usually spawn when the water temperatures get up around the 80-degree mark. But just before that magic temperature comes around, they really put on the feed. Therefore, late winter and early spring are the ideal times to catch trout at their heaviest. Trophy trout anglers generally wade fish this time of year in order to give them the best chance to catch these Big Girls.

Why wade fish?  By wading, the angler can more thoroughly cover areas where the fish congregate. Concentrations of serpulid worm rocks, sandbars, drop-offs and other areas that attract trout can be covered much more thoroughly by wading as opposed to drifting fishing or even anchoring.

Soft plastic lures, suspending lures and even topwater lures can all be effective at various times. Be sure to use the knowledge that your guide has accrued over the course of his or her career. Your guide can help you with lure choices, techniques, and presentation based on their day to day interaction with the fish.

We are a very small business and cancellations affect our bottom line significantly. Our goal is to treat our customers the way we want to be treated. So, our lodge policy is straight-forward and easy to understand. Cancellation / Reschedule / Refund Policy: There are no refunds. We will reschedule within a year for dangerous weather (as determined by the Captains). Deposits: For all groups, a 50% deposit for the total cost of the trip is required at time of booking. Rescheduling: You may reschedule your trip two weeks out or more. Cancellations after this time will be charged the full amount of the trip. Party size may also be adjusted two weeks from the date of your trip. Within two weeks of your trip, no rescheduling will be allowed and the total cost of the trip is fixed for the original number of members in your group. You will receive a balance due invoice for your trip at this time.

Late Spring and Summer are a fantastic time to catch numbers of trout, redfish, and flounder in the Baffin Bay. All methods of fishing can and do work well! Drift fishing with soft plastics or topwater lures are very effective methods of catching great numbers of fish.  For the less experienced, your guide can set you up with scented lures such as Berkley Gulp (4″ Swimming Mullet Grub), rigged underneath popping corks (Cajun Thunder) for action that rivals if not betters live bait.


Late summer, fall and early winter are prime-time for redfish and black drum and even really big trout in the super shallow water. Once again, the scented lures are very effective and just about any fish that swims likes to eat a Berkley Gulp. Similar setups mentioned earlier will work well. You can also rig Gulps on a super light jig head (like our Black’s Magic 1/32oz jig head with a #1 hook) and slowly swim the bait in shallow water.

This method works on trout, redfish, flounder and with a little of practice, you can enjoy some of the most incredible sight casting opportunities by chasing black drum in super skinny waters.

Fly Fishing on the Baffin Bay is truly a great time!  Whether from the boat deck or wading in ankle deep water, it’s all about seeing the fish before making the cast!  Click on this link to read more about Fly Fishing in the Saltwater.

A few other notes about fishing Texas’ most famous bay system.  Every minute of time spent on the Baffin Bay is a true adventure.  It’s untouched, primal and a true South Texas gem.  Catching fish is about learning and putting newfound knowledge into action.  We enjoy eating fish as much as anyone else, but we always ask that you try to practice a little conservation.

As a guideline, we recommend that you please release all trout over 25” unless you plan on mounting the fish. Keep in mind that fiberglass replicas are available and usually look better and last longer.

We will make sure to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the event and you will see how great it feels to watch a quality fish swim free.

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