Black’s Magic Jig Heads, MADE IN TEXAS, NOT CHINA (Pack of 15 Hooks)


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Black’s Magic Jig Heads are what everyone in the fishing world has been talking about!Capt. Aubrey Black and Capt. Sally Black, veteran fishing guides and lodge owners at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun, have worked with Terry Oldham, “The Godfather” of the “Screw-Lock” system to create a state-of-the-art jig head with Gamakatsu hooks in a variety of sizes.

MADE IN TEXAS, they’ve been called “revolutionary” by beginner and seasoned anglers alike.
Just twist the plastic bait onto the jig head by “screwing” them on to the spring. Softer baits stay on longer and all plastics work better by having less hook in their bodies constraining their natural action.
Start using this revolutionary jig head and we guarantee “Once you go Black’s, you won’t go back to any other jig head on the market today!”

Recently, long-time Texas guide Capt. Aubrey Black, tired of his seemingly never-ending search for a perfect jig head, released his own line of jig heads — “Black’s Magic” jig heads. These screw-lock jigs heads, which were designed along with Terry Oldham, himself renown as an innovator within fishing world, were originally conceived to give Black and his wife, guide Capt. Sally Ann Black, a jig head that would consistently perform to their standards.

The heads are fashioned with high quality components, including Gamakatsu hooks. However, for me the selling point was the configuration of the lightest models — a 1/16 ounce head fitted with a 1/0 hook and a 1/32 ounce head fitted with #1 hook. Having spent the past two-plus decades fishing the super shallow waters of the Lower Laguna Madre, I’ve become accustomed to shaving jig heads to reduce weight. However, it is hard to accurately and consistently shave just the right amount of lead and do so symmetrically.

The 1/32 ounce head is a great size for year around fishing on the Lower Laguna and the short shank hook allows any plastic pinned to it to move freely, giving maximum action during the presentation. The 1/32 ounce head is also a good choice for fishermen on deeper bays when they are trying to make their soft-plastics sink super slow (and nearly suspend) in the water column. The heads can be purchased at a handful of Coastal Bend tackle shops.

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Dimensions7 × 4 × 0.5 in

1/32 oz Jig Head

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