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Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is
THE Official YETI Lodge in Texas!



Baffin Bay Rod and Gun’s Fishing Lodge Accommodates 20 Guests with Comfort.


BBR&G is a "My Pillow" Lodge
BBR&G is a "My Pillow" Lodge

With it’s remote location, quiet surroundings, and an all-inclusive lodge experience, Baffin Bay Rod and Gun has it all. It’s a classic Texas Fishing Lodge!

Aerial View from back

The Lodge On Baffin Bay




Captain Aubrey Black with a 30" trout on top water at baffin bay

Baffin Bay is world famous for its over-sized speckled trout.
Three of the last four state records have come from Baffin Bay!

Every year during the CCA STAR tournament, which is a Texas fishing summer-long tournament, Baffin Bay consistently produces the biggest trout caught during this event, and many of the other species of the Lower Coast. Baffin Bay has some of the best fishing on the entire Texas Coast!

An 8.5 lb Trout, anybody can catch a big trout in baffin bay

We are a very small business and cancellations affect our bottom line significantly. Our goal is to treat our customers the way we want to be treated. So, our lodge policy is straight-forward and easy to understand. Cancellation / Reschedule / Refund Policy: There are no refunds. We will reschedule within a year for dangerous weather (as determined by the Captains). Deposits: For all groups, a 50% deposit for the total cost of the trip is required at time of booking. Rescheduling: You may reschedule your trip two weeks out or more. Cancellations after this time will be charged the full amount of the trip. Party size may also be adjusted two weeks from the date of your trip. Within two weeks of your trip, no rescheduling will be allowed and the total cost of the trip is fixed for the original number of members in your group. You will receive a balance due invoice for your trip at this time.

This is your trip! Let Baffin Bay Rod and Gun customize your adventure. Baffin Bay is a unique and wonderful Texas fishing destination just waiting to give you a chance at a fish of a lifetime or just a fun time with family or friends.

Good Catch on Baffin Bay

Not just famous for big trout, Baffin Bay is home to some of the best overall fishing for trout, redfish, flounder and black drum on the Texas Coast! You will not go away from here without a smile on your face!

Amazing Catch on Baffin Bay

Even before your trip starts, take advantage of your guides knowledge. Ask questions and pay close attention to your guide’s instructions. Your frequent calls are welcomed and encouraged! Our Teaching Guides are there to make your fishing trip an enjoyable learning experience.
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Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is
THE Official YETI Lodge in Texas!


Dog Retrieves Duck Hunting on Baffin Bay

South Texas Wild Duck Hunting

This is South Texas Wild Duck Hunting At Baffin Bay Rod and Gun! Most notably, we shoot a very diverse and robust population of ducks, averaging thirteen species a year. Your guide and their good dogs are there to make your duck hunting experience a safe and enjoyable adventure. BYOD! Your dog is always welcomed to participate in your hunt. Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is a “Dog Friendly” lodge!

Duck Hunting on Baffin Bay

Super Dog cuts a path through the sunrise on an early morning Duck Hunt at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun

Hunting “The X” from comfortable mobile blinds on the shorelines of Baffin Bay, we go where the ducks want to be! This style of hunting produces many willing redheads, buffleheads, wigeon and scaup, an occasional golden eye, along with pintails, northern shovelers, mottled ducks and more.

Lady Duck Hunting on Baffin Bay

Since Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is the only professional Lodge guiding duck hunts on Baffin Bay. For this reason, you can be assured of a top-quality hunt. Our guides know the bay and have scouted the best places to have the most shots at ducks. With the King Ranch on the north side of the bay and the Kenedy Ranch on the south, civilization is hard to find. The ranches offer fresh water tanks and ponds and the ducks settle here for the winter. They travel back and forth in their fly-ways dropping in and out of the saltwater. Consequently, their fly-ways are easy to pattern!

Enjoy a completely uncrowded, untouched and pristine bay system that offers the best that South Texas Wild Duck Hunting can offer!

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Dove Hunting on Baffin Bay

Enjoy classic South Texas style dove hunting over harvested and plowed grain fields, around stock tanks or natural dove “flyways” near stands of dove weed and sunflowers.

Captain Aubrey & Captain Sally Hunting on Baffin Bay

Most of our leased fields are within 10-15 minutes of the lodge and are easy access. Guides will provide camo captain’s chairs and Mojo dove decoys to hunt over.

Dove hunting trips begin around 3:00pm and end at dusk. Then we head back to the lodge for a really hearty, fantastic meal prepared by our five star Chef!

Almost all of our dove hunting is paired with a fishing trip, called a Cast and Blast, where we fish in the morning, (usually past lunch) and then dove hunt in the afternoon.

Good Dove Hunting Yield on Baffin Bay

This style of hunting for dove is very social and classically South Texas. Your guides and dogs specialize in ending the day with a BANG and a really great time!

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