Drift and Wade Fishing Baffin Bay for Trophy Trout & Redfish

Shallow water anglers have long-held Baffin Bay as THE place on the Texas coast to target trophy trout and redfish. Whether drifting the deeper flats by boat or wading the shallows, Baffin Bay is truly a light-tackle angler’s dream. After all…quiet, slicked-out mornings are for gator trout and tailing redfish in our neck of the woods!

Guided Fishing Charters & Adventures on Baffin Bay

Picture yourself and guide leaving the dock at Baffin Bay, by boat, and being whisked across the Bay’s expanse to your first stop of the morning. Having discussed your goals and gameplan with your guide the night before, their experience kicks in and they know just where to begin the morning’s fishing.

It doesn’t take long before a school of redfish reveals its location by the slow waving of a tail breaking the water’s surface. A carefully placed cast and a slight twitch of the soft plastic lure your guide provided and it’s fish on!

This is Baffin Bay!

Baffin Bay Fishing Charters Details

Target Species You’ll Fish For

It’s no secret that Baffin Bay is known for trophy “gator” trout in the winter and early spring. These fish are here to spawn and pack on some serious weight leading up to the big event!

Trout aren’t the only game in town though, as we have a wonderful population of redfish, some reaching legit “bull red” status. We target both of these fish in shallow water and are a challenge on light tackle.

In addition to redfish and trout, Baffin Bay also holds numerous opportunities to catch black drum, flounder, sheepshead and more.

Fishing Techniques

On our Baffin Bay light-tackle fishing charters, we typically either drift fish from the boat or slip into the shallow water and wade the flats while blind and sight casting. While both techniques are successful, there’s a special place in our hearts for wading – as not only do we feel it’s more productive but the direct connection to nature is unforgettable.

And there’s simply nothing like battling a gator trout or bull redfish while standing in shin-deep water!

Rods, Bait and Tackle

On our Baffin Bay fishing charters, we encourage you to bring your own rod and fishing gear – including waders, packs, and any special tackle you’d like.

If you’d prefer, our guides are happy to provide all of the rods, tackle and artificial lures you’ll need for the day’s fishing.

Regarding bait, we mostly fish our charters with artificial lures including top-waters, suspended lures and soft plastics. The main reason we don’t fish live bait often is both availability and the fact that we catch just as many fish on artificial!

If you’d prefer to fish live bait, please feel free to discuss with your guide and depending on availability & market price – they’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

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