Cast & Blast Hunting and Fishing at Baffin Bay Rod & Gun

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun offers the unique ability to pair hunting and fishing activities into a single day of action-packed adventure to create the perfect “Cast & Blast” experience. Combine duck & fishing, fishing & dove or duck & dove for the ultimate “Blast & Blast” day!

A Full Day of Guided Hunting and Fishing Adventure Awaits

Prepare yourself for an exciting, all-day, guided adventure, which begins before first light and ends with the setting sun.

Fill your mind with the incredible sights and sounds of being in a duck blind before the sun comes up, with ducks landing in the decoy spread – sometimes before the decoys are all out. Shoot your limit, then load up for an afternoon of fishing the shallows for trophy trout and big Baffin reds!

Or if you’d prefer, pair an early morning of fishing the flats with afternoon of dove hunting, after a hearty lunch on the boat or back at the Lodge.

This is Baffin Bay!

Create the Perfect Pair for Your Cast & Blast Experience on Baffin Bay

Duck “Blast and Cast” Day

Create the perfect day spent on the waters of Baffin Bay with a duck “blast and Cast” day. You’ll kickoff the day with a wild duck hunt on shores of Baffin Bay – after which your guide will return you to the Lodge for a tasty lunch.

Once you’ve been refueled your group and guide will head back out into Baffin Bay for an afternoon of fishing the shallow water flats for reds and trout.

Dove “Cast & Blast” Day

Prefer to fight fish on light-tackle in the early morning and reserve your hunt for the afternoon? No problem.

Combine a morning of guided fishing with an afternoon dove hunt for the perfect “Cast & Blast” day, with plenty of time for lunch and a nap between adventures.

Duck and Dove “Blast & Blast” Day

Like to forgo the fishing for the day and focus on hunting with your group and four-legged friend? We’ve got an adventure for that!

Spend the morning with your guide and group in the duck blind, shooting wild duck – before heading back to the lodge for a meal. Spend the afternoon shooting wild doves over harvested grain fields. The perfect “Blast and Blast” day before returning to the Lodge for a 5-Star dinner!

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