Guided Duck Hunting at Texas' Baffin Bay Rod & Gun

With it’s remote location, quiet surroundings, and an all-inclusive lodge experience, Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is the perfect setting to experience guided, wild duck hunting and all Baffin Bay has to offer.

The Guided Duck Hunting Experience at Baffin Bay!

Prepare yourself for an exciting, guided hunting adventure, which begins before first light with a boat ride to a secluded shoreline and duck blind.

Fill your mind with the incredible sights and sounds of predawn Baffin Bay, with ducks landing in the decoy spread – sometimes before the decoys are all out. Shoot your limit, and enjoy the solitude and companionship of spending time in the outdoors with close friends, family & your loyal four-legged accomplice.

This is Baffin Bay!

Baffin Bay Duck Hunting Details

2022/2023 Duck Hunting Season Dates

Regular season: Nov. 5-27, 2022 & Dec. 10, 2022 – Jan. 29, 2023
Daily bag limit: 6 ducks

Gun Safety

Gun safety is imperative and unsafe gun handling will not be tolerated. Always know where your gun is pointing and be aware of where your fellow hunters are.

Be very aware of our (or your) dog – our dogs are like our children and we are extremely protective of them. NEVER shoot over a dog working in the spread or bringing in a duck!

NOTE: Texas law requires all hunters born on or after September 2, 1971 to have successfully completed a hunter education course to legally hunt in the State of Texas. For more information, or to take the course, click here.

Guns, Ammo, and Chokes

Most hunters use 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotguns that hold three shells at a time (make sure that your gun has the appropriate plug in it). Many hunters still use the 12-gauge pump shotgun as well.

20 gauge shotguns can be effective, with the right hunter and the right ammo/choke. Over and under and side-by-side shotguns are also very effective. It’s all your call.

Most of the shooting will be ducks over decoys, with occasional passing shots. Choke tubes can be complicated but for shooting ducks, right before they land, the Improved Cylinder will get that job done. Improved Modified chokes are another choice over decoys and if you just have to shoot passing ducks, go with the Modified.

Still not sure, bring all three and let the guide choose based on the conditions of the day.

Calling Ducks

A pintail whistle is about the easiest and simplest duck call of all time. Other mallard calls, whistles and purrs, chortles and hen calls are all fun to blow. Sometimes a duck call can be a duck repellent, so, exuberance aside, blow all calls when the ducks are far away, going away, or not coming into the spread. That’s the safest method.

It’s also lots of fun to hang out around the campfire and blow duck calls the night before the hunt. It drives the dogs crazy and gets everyone jazzed for the next morning!

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