Corporate Retreats and Team Building at Baffin Bay Rod & Gun

A corporate retreat at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun will help your business improve productivity, creativity and morale along with improved camaraderie in the workplace. Nothing brings a team together and improves communication like time spent together in the great outdoors!

A Corporate Fishing Trip Can Have a Direct Impact on Your Bottom Line!

By engaging your Team in group activities, such as corporate fishing trips, that have proven to be quite successful in bringing people together. There are many activities that can help pull together small companies or groups that work within a larger organization. The good news about a corporate fishing event is that it provides excellent relaxation, teamwork, and being together outdoors which provides for considerable fun and entertainment.

How a Corporate Fishing Retreat to Baffin Bay Can Help

A corporate fishing trip to Baffin Bay Rod and Gun represents the best kind of reward for award-winning teams, sales staff exceeding their goals, impressing clients, or just building relationships together. We’ll help you check all of the boxes of a corporate retreat while adding the benefits of being outdoors and engaging in a time-honored sport that provides plenty of teamwork and memorable experiences.

Your fishing adventure starts when your Team reaches the Lodge. This is where you’ll settle in and set the direction for how the retreat will work for your group. It can be as loose or formal as you desire – depending on what you are trying to achieve for your business. Once everyone is ready, the fishing adventure can begin. The length of your retreat can range from a few hours to multi-day events, depending on your goals.

The amount of advanced planning that goes into your trip, again depends on your goals. Corporate trips may be kept simple – fishing during the day and socializing or meeting in the afternoons and evenings and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Or you may opt to plan more organized meeting sessions and meals along with your guided fishing activities. Regardless, time well-spent together in the outdoors is sure to create deeper bonds and trust!

The Advantages of a Corporate Retreat to Baffin Bay Rod and Gun

There are solid advantages corporate fishing retreat for your Team starting with how natural going on a fishing trip can feel for your employees and management staff. Considering just how many fish as a hobby, it’s a no-brainer that a corporate fishing adventure is the perfect solution.

Build Open Communication:

Although fishing offers its own rewards, there is a teamwork aspect to this type of trip that builds effective communication between co-workers. This is because working together during the trip in helping to land a big catch, setting up different strategies and sharing stories helps build communication.

Break the Monotony

Many business owners follow the same routine when it comes to planning retreats. While the intentions of following what worked in the past is certainly honorable, the key to keeping employees engaged is changing the retreat format so they have something new to look forward to participating in. By taking your crew out on a fishing adventure, you provide your employees with something they can anticipate with great excitement. Being out in the open and enjoying fishing is a wonderful way to have everyone looking forward to the retreat.

Create Lasting Memories

One of the keys to creating better camaraderie between co-workers is sharing fun experiences together. This is why corporate fishing trips work so well in making lasting memories that your Team will cherish.

Have Fun Together

There is no substitute for simply having a good time together. The joy and camaraderie that everyone will experience help make your retreat a success. From the moment you put the fishing rod in your hands, you will feel the good times wash over you. That’s why this type of corporate event works so well as it provides a great deal of enjoyment to be shared.

Pulls People Together

There is something about the shared experience that makes people work closer together. The retreat you plan offers those who participate a way to communicate with each other outside the workplace. This builds important bonds and provides a greater understanding which translates into a better workplace.

Why Choose Baffin Bay Rod and Gun For Your Next Corporate Retreat?

At Baffin Bay Rod and Gun, our corporate retreats and fishing trips are based on years of experience working with a wide variety of companies.

We encourage you to bring your top sales staff, most valued clients, award-winning departments or a team that needs the boost to our Lodge.

Not only does Baffin Bay Rod and Gun provide all of the gear and equipment your Team will need for their fishing activities, our Lodge also boasts:

  • Corporate Fishing Lodge
  • Spacious, Updated Accommodations
  • Ample Meeting Space
  • Covered Entertainment Area w/Television
  • Swimming Pool
  • Top Quality Chef & Staff
  • Outdoor Bar
  • Fire Ring & More!
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