Sight-Casting & Fly Fishing Charters on the Flats of Texas' Baffin Bay

The 9 Mile Hole and Land Cut are legendary Baffin Bay fishing spots, legendary for the gigantic redfish and trout that live there. Tough to get to, yes, but definitely worth the ride. Drift or wade ankle deep on these long, shallow expanses for a day of sight-casting that you won’t soon forget.

The Fly & Sight-Casting Experience on Baffin Bay!

With miles of untouched, lightly-trafficked flats and shoreline, there’s nothing more pure than wading the saltwater shallows, 8wt in-hand searching for movement or a tail breaking the surface in the early morning light.

And that moment a fish gives away its location, you throw a backcast and then delicately deliver the fly you’ve hand-tied to the fish…with the wave of its tail, a rush of water…you’re suddenly tight to a redfish with shoulders like a linebacker…

This is Baffin Bay!

Baffin Bay Fly Fishing Charters Details

Target Species You’ll Fish For

Baffin Bay is legendary for the trophy speckled-trout that spawn here each spring. During the winter and early spring months, these fish feed voraciously in order to pack on as much weight as possible, prior to spawning. This is when the big females can be targeted at their heaviest!

The other heavyweight in town and a true challenge on fly, is our population of redfish. These fish can be sight-casted to in the shallows and eagerly take flies and well-placed lures for those fishing light-tackle.

In addition to redfish and trout, Baffin Bay also holds numerous opportunities to catch black drum, flounder, sheepshead all of which can be caught on fly!

Sight-Casting & Fly Fishing Techniques

On our Baffin Bay fly fishing charters, we either drift fish the shallows or slip into the water and slowly wade the flats. While both techniques are successful, wading eliminates the possibility of the boat spooking fish and allows you to slow things down, spot fish before casting to them and then effectively present your fly.

And there’s simply nothing like battling a gator trout or giant redfish on fly, in 10 inches of water!

Rods, Flies and Gear

On our Baffin Bay sight and fly fishing adventures, encourage you to bring your own light tackle or fly rods, flies and fishing gear – including waders, packs, and any special tackle you prefer.

Alternatively, our guides are happy to provide all of the rods, tackle and flies you’ll need for the day’s fishing.

For Fly Rods & Lines, We Recommend:

  • 9 ft - 6 to 9 weight, medium fast/fast action fly rods
  • Quality fly reel with smooth drag and 100-yards of 20lb Dacron backing
  • Weight-forward floating fly line designed for saltwater and warm temperatures
  • Fly Line Tapers: Saltwater, closure or redfish tapers work best
  • Line cleaners and treatments
  • 10-15 lb 6′-9′ tapered leaders, either knotless or hand-tied, furled or braided
  • 8-16 lb tippet, either mono or fluorocarbon (Note: Fluorocarbon sinks and may make your flies harder to manage)
  • Shrimp, baitfish, crab patterns all work well in sizes #4 or #6
  • Clouser minnows in white/chartreuse, white/pink, white/olive, white/natural in #4 or #6
  • Spoon flies in gold, plum, peach, chartreuse in #4 or #6
  • Popper flies in white/chartreuse, gold, white/red
  • Sea Ducers in natural, chartreuse/white, pink/white in #2, #4 or #6

Your guide will have flies that are currently working, but be sure that your fly rod is rigged with good leader before coming to fish.

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