Terms and Conditions | Baffin Bay Rod and Gun

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun is a small business and as you can imagine cancellations affect our bottom line significantly. Our goal is to treat all of our customers fairly, so we’ve made our lodge policy straight-forward and easy to understand.

Cancellation / Reschedule / Refund Policy

  •  There are no refunds. We will reschedule within a year for dangerous weather (as determined by the Captains).


  • For all groups, a 50% deposit for the total cost of the trip is required at time of booking.


  • You may reschedule your trip two weeks out or more. Cancellations after this time will be charged the full amount of the trip.
  • Party size may also be adjusted two weeks from the date of your trip.
  • Within two weeks of your trip, no rescheduling will be allowed and the total cost of the trip is fixed for the original number of members in your group.
  • You will receive a balance due invoice for your trip at this time.


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